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This site is great for those of us who are overwhelmed by courlophobia!  Get free email, or a free website!  Plus play games like, "Punch the Clown."
This is a great way to stay in touch - with a little fun!  Send unlimited free e-cards to everyone at camp!
Andy Brezinsky made a search directory for all of Level V 2001, check it out here!



Quote of the Week:

"Oompa Loompa Doompa De Doo!"


Welcome!!!  Thanks for visiting the site, I promise I will do better at this one than the previous attempt.  This one is different, because I designed it myself, and I am making a public "must" that I must put more effort into staying in touch and showing my love for all of the WASC.

Now the legal gander:  This site is not promoted or supported by the WASC, and all of the opinions expressed are those of delegates, and others who have been touched by the WASC.  They are not necessarily the opinions of the WASC.

Do you have a website or know of a website that you would like to share with other leaders?  Email me and let me know, and I'll add it to the Quik Linx to the left!

Also, If you have any ideas for shirts or mugs, etc, please let me know.  I am working on getting an official "Penguin Posse" shirt for all of those inducted!  Look for them in the Penguin Corner!

The contact link  will take you to a directory of email and home addresses of every delegate known to me!  This was beautifully put together by Andy Brezinsky -- Thanks Andy!  If you're missing, please let me or Andy know.

The pictures link will take you to TONS of pictures from camps, conferences, reunions, and parties!  Please be patient, this will take some time to download.  These pictures are free for all to use.  If you don't want your picture shown, please let me know.  If you have any pictures you would like included, please email them to me!  Thanks!

Voice is a collection of letters, poems, songs, goals, etc. written by you!  This is a place for you to showcase your talent, and to voice your feelings about whatever!  Please contribute!

Check the alerts section often to find out if someone is moving, has a new email addresses, wants to invite YOU to events, etc.  This could be important!  Email me if you would like to add your alert!

Birthdays, Camps, School Plays, Parties, etc are listed in Calendar- Check it out and let me know of your schedule!

Well, that's it!  Please send your ideas or suggestions, so that the site can be it's best, just like all of you!





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