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WASC Campers' Site

Changing addresses? Got a new email? Got hot news? Want the camp to know about something important? Let me know and I'll post it here!

4-15-00 Happy Easter everyone!!!

4-11-00 Sabrina is in love!!! Yes it's true. She and Matt are finally dating officially and she is extremely happy!

4-11-01 Vickie Ballweg (Level IV, Family IV) was in Florida during level V! She spent her 18th B-day at Cocoa Beach with her boyfriend, Curtis.

4-10-01 If you want to email Kristen Courtney, please do so at-
Any other emails are no longer being used. Thank you! :-)

4-10-01 The State Conference is less than a month away!!!

4-03-01 I'm (Sabrina) hosting a sectional at the state conference in May at Green Lake! Please come see it-Rachel Klinger will also be helping me! It's titled "Skin Game: The Story Behind the Scars"


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